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Hello, my name is Katrine and I have a bag addiction. I like all sorts of bags: big bags, small bags, jazzy bags, understated bags, bags on backs, bags on shoulders, bags for life, swag bags. Er, maybe not! The first bag I ever bought was a small handbag in the shape of a Coke can. This love of novelty at the age of ten never left me.

My latest project involves cutting up a pair of jeans to make a bag but I just know that the real fun will come in the final decorating phase. Badges, buttons and bling are a few of my favourite things! Another bag project has seen me knitting strips of fabric cut from old Saris. Part of me did wonder whether this was in fact disrespectful having always been slightly in awe of sari-wearing ladies. Nevertheless I enjoyed using my chunky knitting needles to fashion a highly textured and colourful evening bag.

Close up of hand made felted bag by Sewboytenesque

Close up of hand made felted bag by Sewboytenesque

Evening bags, items that even in my highly sociable youth I never really used. Having collected them over the years and marvelled at their daintiness I’ve questioned how anyone could actually fit everything into them. I guess my nights out were usually too raucous for such daintiness and usually involved lots of high-energy dancing, having made my way to the venue on a bike. My need for a bottle of water and other more sporty needs has meant that I tend to prefer back packs as an essential part of my life. When I do carry a handbag I often end up with a sore back or shoulder having filled it to the brim with just-in-cases.

Bargain charity shop find and Per Una no less! :)))

Bargain charity shop find and Per Una no less! :)))

I’ve sometimes wondered whether the reasoning behind my love of bags, is the idea to be independent and self-contained. I once read someone describing commuters with back-packs as slow-moving snails. This was obviously not meant in a favourable light, however I see it as independent creatures with everything they need on their backs. Have house, will travel. When I was travelling I really did get packing down to a fine art but now that I have a more settled but more hectic life it really does show in the contents of my bag; lists, post-its, half-read magazines, half-eaten bags of nuts, bags of bags, you get the idea…

For some time now I have been aware of my need to cut down my acquisition of carrier bags. Some weeks are better than others. I must confess, a tiny part of me does enjoy the helpfulness of the shop assistant when they ask whether I’d like a bag and whether they can help me pack. A sucker for good customer service (and in short supply in this part of the world) I almost court this simple interaction. Then I remember the hideous pictures of marine life and the effects that plastic bags have in their environment. To assuage my guilt I have decided that any plastic bags I collect, I’ll cut into strips and use as knitting material. A bag made out of bags. Political statement, novelty and pragmatism – looking forward to the challenge! 😉

Time for me to bag-off,
Kat x

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