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Thinking inside the box

It is with mixed emotions that I start the laborious job of sewing up my hand-knitted patchwork blanket. This project started off last summer as a nice way to get … Continue reading

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Make do and mend: a hedonist’s journey

The philosophy of make do and mend can be applied if you stick to the following: Make – the effort Do – keep going Mend – your ways. If at … Continue reading

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A darned good idea

A repair café: a place where people gather in the spirit of Make do and Mend to repair items that would otherwise be discarded. Sounded like a jolly good idea … Continue reading

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La Passion

Passion What did you like to do as a child? I loved to paint. I just did it and didn’t think much about it. I started to think about it … Continue reading

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Feelin’ blue

Or purple? Or dark green or maybe patterned even? I asked myself this as I had a mooch around the local charity shop. I had a strict budget in mind … Continue reading

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Top Ten: Make, Do and Mend

Top of the Pops theme tune! 😉 The humble safety-pin, number 10 in my countdown to my favourite make do and mend tool. Loved by punks, fashion models or just … Continue reading

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There once was a girl called Katrine

There once was a girl called Katrine Who painted and sewed and had a dream To save herself going round the bend She started Boyten’s blog: Make, Do and Mend … Continue reading

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Make, Do and Mend in one week

MAKE DO AND MEND MONDAY – Put aside those Monday blues and start the week with a purpose. Fed up with spending money you don’t actually have? What can you … Continue reading

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