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Top Ten: Make, Do and Mend


Top of the Pops theme tune! šŸ˜‰

The humble safety-pin, number 10 in my countdown to my favourite make do and mend tool. Loved by punks, fashion models or just anyone in a hurry.

Wonderful wundaweb is number 9 in my list of favourite make do and mend tools. I remember my mum’s relief when she was able to leave her mountain of clothes to mend by hand-sewing, and head for the iron to produce crisp hem-lines within seconds. As a little girl I really thought it was rather magical!

Number 8 in my top 10 favourite make do and menders will have to be duct tape. Favoured by DIYers and kidnappers alike, you can be surprisingly creative with the sticky stuff. Now available in all sorts of colours and patterns.

Pinking shears would have to be number 7 on my list of favourite make do and mending tools. Designed for helping to prevent frayed edges, I just love the decorative possibilities. Love the name too…pinkety pink!

The Full Monty’s wardrobe department would have come unstuck without Velcro, so for that reason alone its number SIX in my Make, Do and Mend countdown

At number five on my Make, Do and Mend list, it’s the turn of the elastic band. Flexible, strong and useful, it can revamp clothing in the process of tie-dying. When stretched to its limit, it always bounces back.

Fabric glue at number 4 on the MDM list is a step up from PVA glue and washable too.

In the final countdown to best Make Do and Mend tool, the button comes in at number three. Utilitarian or decorative, the button finish off things beautifully.

At number two, the sewing machine is the marmite of the Make, Do and Mend list. Loved or loathed, it can create or destroy. Workshops, fellow enthusiasts and a local repairman help smooth the path to utter bliss! :)))

…and at number one, it’s the sewing needle and thread. Ta da! What else would top the Make, Do and Mend List. The needle hasn’t changed much in my lifetime but I am grateful that we’ve moved on somewhat from catching a creature, skinning it and then sewing the pieces together!

Happy making, doing and mending,
Kat šŸ™‚

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