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Convalescent blues were lifted after dragging myself to the shops and discovering a fantastic bargain. Pumpkins going for 10p!!! In my quest to try and speed up my recovery from flu I’d surfed the net and discovered that pumpkins were great for respiratory conditions, so was cheered up when I realised the potential in this find. Bumper loads of delicious pumpkin broth was the outcome, topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and fiery hot cayenne pepper.





The broth was tasty and comforting, just what the doctor ordered!


Satisfied but sleepy I went back to bed with my trusty hot water bottle. Old and worn but much loved, this hot water bottle cover was one of my early makes. Misshapen and a bit too big, it’s bright and cheery so very comforting. The wool was a charity shop find and the brightly coloured ribbon from a birthday cake. It was gifted to me at a camp site on a significant birthday so always reminds me of hot, balmy summer days of yesteryear. Ahhh, nostalgia…!


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