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Making an exhibition of yourself

To exhibit or not? A question that probably passes through the minds of many people practising art. For me, it was a right of passage as an artist. It was … Continue reading

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Creativity begins at home

With all the rain that we’ve had lately I’ve got to thinking about making the most of staying indoors and being creative at home.  Wherever I’ve lived –  from tiny … Continue reading

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My BIG, FAT, carbon footprint

It will probably take me a few lifetimes to cut my BIG, FAT, carbon footprint. Having previously worked in the airline industry and having “meeted and greeted” gazillions of passengers, … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, go away

  Rain, rain go away, come again another day. If only! It really does seem to be quite unrelenting at the moment here in the South East of England. I’m … Continue reading

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It’s not just a wooden gate

It’s not just a wooden gate, it’s a wash of yellow ochre, burnt sienna and a touch of lime green. Just back from a painting class I was happy to … Continue reading

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Thinking inside the box

It is with mixed emotions that I start the laborious job of sewing up my hand-knitted patchwork blanket. This project started off last summer as a nice way to get … Continue reading

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Make do and mend: a hedonist’s journey

The philosophy of make do and mend can be applied if you stick to the following: Make – the effort Do – keep going Mend – your ways. If at … Continue reading

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A darned good idea

A repair café: a place where people gather in the spirit of Make do and Mend to repair items that would otherwise be discarded. Sounded like a jolly good idea … Continue reading

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La Passion

Passion What did you like to do as a child? I loved to paint. I just did it and didn’t think much about it. I started to think about it … Continue reading

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Feelin’ blue

Or purple? Or dark green or maybe patterned even? I asked myself this as I had a mooch around the local charity shop. I had a strict budget in mind … Continue reading

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