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MAKE DO AND MEND MONDAY – Put aside those Monday blues and start the week with a purpose. Fed up with spending money you don’t actually have? What can you make do with this week? Before you reach for the purse, ask yourself if there’s anything you could do without or anything that you could repair? Be proactive and decide on something you’d like to save for and go for it. If you’re a visual person like me why not put money physically aside in used envelopes. Label with headings such as “Savings,” “Travel Fares” or “Beer Fund.”

CHOOSY TUESDAY – Think about what you buy. Consumer choices = people power. If you’re on a tight budget maybe think about buying an ethical, Fairtrade or ecologically-sound product once a week/month/year. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Making small changes can make a big difference in the long run.

WINDOW SHOP WEDNESDAY – Resist the urge to shop for the sake of shopping and do a spot of window shopping instead. Tot up how much money you have saved by looking rather then possessing and mentally pat yourself on the back.

Thrifty Thursday – Congratulations, you’re more than half-way through the week! Not so bad really is it? I bet you’ve saved some money too. Thrifty is cool 😉

FRUGAL FRIDAY – Time for fun! Before you indulge though, STOP and THINK! Is there anything you could be frugal with? Try something different each week. An idea to get you started is to leave your cards at home and use cash only. Try it and compare this experience to how much money you’d normally fritter away…

SPRING CLEAN SATURDAY – Follow the not-used-for-a-year rule and take a trip to your nearest charity shop. Mentally, you’ll feel de-cluttered and emotionally you’ll feel better knowing that a child, adult or animal somewhere is going to benefit along the line. If you’re a UK Taxpayer and donating to a UK store, don’t forget to gift-aid your donations as this can generate more income for the charity with very little effort. Say yes to GIFT-AID!

SLEEPY SUNDAY – day off! A little indulgence makes you appreciate the Make, Do and Mend philosophy and just like the best training programmes, make you more likely to stick to it. :)))

Happy New Year everyone and all the best for 2014,
Kat 🙂

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